Our Pledge

We here at Carefree Companions Pet Care work hard to provide reliable, trustworthy care for your home and pets.

Me with Frodo

About Lindsey

Our Mission

At Carefree Companions Pet Care, our mission is simple: we want you and your pets to be carefree companions while you're away!

About Jason

Since early 2013 Jason has been helping Lindsey care for all your wonderful pets.  He is enjoying all the extra time he gets to spend with them!  He will be treated as any other pet sitter would, so if I am not available you will be offered his services and you will always know which of us will be at your home.

A chef by trade and an Army veteran, Jason started working with me at Tigertail Foods during the day in the kitchen and soon met a few of you to begin helping me with pet sitting.  He has been caring for pets since 2007, has an incredible connection with animals and has excellent intuition to what their wants and needs are, particularly those who are timid or slow to warm up to people.  He is also comfortable handling the more difficult to walk pups!  I have been impressed by how quickly animals not only take to him, but find comfort in his presence.  To describe him as reliable, honest and trustworthy would be an understatement. He is certified both in human and Pet 1st Aid and is Fire Safe Certified as well!  I could not have asked for a better assistant and I know you will be happy with his services.

He will be available for all pet sitting needs and usually is the one who covers the 24 hour sits.  He also provides emergency back up in the event that something unforeseen happens and Lindsey is unable to get back to your pets and home. In the event of such an emergency he will step in to make sure everything is taken care of, whether that means calling your emergency contact to take over or stepping in himself to care for your pets.  Lindsey has never had a situation where she was not able to get back to a pet sit, but now she has an official person to take care of the situation in case it does arise someday which is very comforting to her and I hope it is to you as well. 

Lindsey and Jason have known each other since 1999 and Jason is fully covered under the same insurance and bonding as Lindsey.  

For as long as I can remember, when someone would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up the answer was always "something with animals," although I never knew exactly what.

I moved to Vista in 2002 and started working a job at a small natural pet food and treat company called Tigertail Foods.  I quickly worked my way up to Production Manager (www.tigertailfoods.com) and continued to work there until early 2017 when I decided to focus my attentions fully on my pet sitting!  My very first pet sitting client is a customer of Tigertail Foods.  I had always done pet sitting for friends and neighbors, but after sitting for her I realized that I could do it as a career and have always enjoyed the experience.  From there I found the Pet Sitting University.

After completing the Pet Sitting University course I officially started my business in 2004.  I carry liability insurance, bonding and a city licence.  I have also been through the PetTech pet saver course and had previously been certified in pet First Aid by the Red Cross and continue to take refresher courses.  Most recently I completed the Pet 1st Aid 4 U course taught by Arden Moore - I highly recommend her course to ANYONE who shares their life with pets.  Her classes are fun and informative and she is the only course to have a live dog and cat to practice basic 1st Aid techniques on.

Pets have been a part of my life since the day I came home from the hospital, and I can't see that ever changing. My family has always had pets and I have learned so much from them. Among my first were chickens, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish, and the list goes on! Eventually my mother gave in and we got a dog. He was a 4 year old Papillon named Rusty. He made the biggest impact on me because we essentially grew up together. We were lucky enough to have him for 12 years. He passed away on Febuary 26th 2006 at 16.  He is pictured above at age 15.  Among my current menagerie are
Toby my 15 year old Lab mix,

Myla my parents 9 year old Smooth Coated Collie,

Kado our youngest 5 year old Healer mix
one cat; 16 year old Cleo, 
one 12 year old Bearded Dragon; Lu, 
some fresh water fish
and a flock of chickens.